Things are getting busy at Sticky Fingers Cake Co HQ and I was just going through the wedding cake orders I have for this year and thought I’d do a top ten favourite cake flavour chart (think Top of the Pops!!)..

1) Lovely Lemony Lemon Cake

2) Madagascan Vanilla Bean Cake

3) Red Velvet

4) Traditional (but not too traditional) Fruitcake

Joint 5th) White Chocolate and passion fruit, Black Forest, Carrot and Pecan and Dark Chocolate

Joint 9th) Spicy Apple and Cinnamon and Orange Drizzle Cake

Just outside the top 10 is Marble cake with a lowly one tier for this year (aaaw!)

The top two doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me is that the Dark Chocolate cake isn’t higher than joint 5th (especially as it’s being beaten so far by the fruitcake!) and it just goes to show how popular the Red Velvet cake is with it being at number 3.

Just remember, if there is a specific cake flavour you’d like and it isn’t on my flavours list, let me know and I’ll put my pinny on and give it a whirl!


Till next time….

Happy baking x

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