Or good old FAQ’s as we all like to call them!

I was asked by a couple the other day, who had come over to Sticky Fingers Cake Co HQ for their wedding cake consultation, if I had a frequently asked questions page on our website.

I don’t, but will be rectifying this shortly, so in the meantime I thought I’d list for you the questions I get asked the most, either when a couple first contacts us through the website or at their consultation. So here goes..

Do You Deliver and Set Up Our Wedding Cake?

The short answer to this is YES.

Apart from the stress it would cause the couple trying to get their wedding cake to the venue in one piece, there’s the setting up of the cake and decorating to consider, and although you may be able to ask your venue to set the cake up for you there is no substitute, in all honesty, for the person who actually designed and made your wedding cake (i.e. me!).  And besides I’m a little bit precious when it comes to each and every wedding cake I make and wouldn’t really want anyone else taking charge!

Do You Charge to Deliver Our Wedding Cake?

Not if your venue is within 20 miles of Sticky Fingers Cake Co HQ in Westcliff on Sea. If it’s beyond 20 miles there would be an extra charge calculated on a return journey.

Can We Have Different Flavours for Each Tier?

Absolutely! In fact, I encourage this. Not all your guests will like the same cake flavours and it’s good to “mix it up”! Most importantly though, remember this is YOUR wedding, so try not to be influenced too much by what you think your guests would like. Choose the flavours that YOU want and I’m certain your guests will love what you choose.

Do We Have to Pay a Deposit?

Yes. Once you have had your formal quote and have agreed on the design and cost of your wedding cake I will send you an invoice for the deposit. This will be approximately 25% of the overall cost of the cake with the remaining balance payable 4 weeks before your wedding day. This deposit is non-refundable. Please refer to our T’s & C’s about payments and cancellations.

How Much Can We Expect to Pay for Our Wedding Cake?

This really depends on whether you’re having an iced cake or a naked/semi naked wedding cake. The iced cakes tend to be more bespoke and tailored to every couple’s specifications so often require more hours to make and will therefore vary more in price. The more basic naked/semi-naked wedding cakes are easier to cost, therefore I would be able to give you a good idea of what you would expect to pay when you ask that question. There’s a rough price guide under “Your Cakey Guide” which will give you an idea.

How Do You Take Payments?

The easiest way to pay is by bank transfer but we will take cash or cheque payments too. At the moment we’re unable to take PayPal or credit cards.

Can We Have Fresh Flowers on Our Cake?

Yes, absolutely. I often decorate wedding cakes with fresh flowers but it’s important to make sure they are suitable. There are quite a few flowers that wouldn’t be, flowers such as lilies for instance, with the huge amount of pollen that could fall on the cake and make it inedible, also spring flowers such as daffodils or narcissus which produce a lot of that gooey sap – yuk! Of course, there are plenty of edible flowers too so ask your florist about them – they would look amazing on your wedding cake!

Do You Cater for Certain Allergies?

Yes, I do. The only allergy I don’t cater for is nuts as I work with nuts on a regular basis, whether using them in a cake mixture, using marzipan or even the fondant icing, as this is produced in factories where nuts are used too. All our cakes are suitable for Vegetarians and I can also source Vegan recipes as well.

What Would Happen if an Unforsseen Event Meant You Couldn’t Make Our Cake?

This is a very important question and one that actually should be asked.

First of all, please make sure you take out wedding insurance because you never know what is going to happen. You may be getting married in January and there’s a massive snow storm and none of your suppliers can get to the venue (and neither can you).

Secondly I’m lucky to know a great bunch of wedding cake makers in Essex, so if I became incapacitated in some way due to accident or illness, my lovely husband Rob would take charge and try and find someone else to make your cake for you or at least help you their names and contact details. And, of course, you would get a full refund. Touch wood, this has never happened to me but I have taken on a couple of orders recently where the couple’s chosen cake maker was unable to carry out their order.

Hopefully, this has helped in some way, but of course if you have any other questions please do get in touch.

Lou x

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